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1 октября 2022, 14:03:12,

Dear Fellow Submariners,

Unfortunately, yesterday’s congratulation from my fellow submariner from Russia marked a new round in the escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Within 2 hours, the FSB kidnapped the General director of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, Igor Murashov.


I know Murashov well personally. He is 20 years younger than me, graduated from the same university as me (in 1992 the Sevastopol Higher Naval Engineering College was converted into the University of Nuclear Energy and Industry). From 1998 to 2010, Igor and I worked as part of the same unit – the ZNPP Operational Unit. Igor went through all stages of operational work – from the reactor equipment lineman to the head of the power unit shift. In 2014-2016, I worked at the head office of Energoatom in Kyiv as the director of the corporate management academy. I organized the training of reservists for the positions of top managers of our Company. Igor was part of this group.

He is technically competent, experienced, skilled manager, decent, with healthy ambitions. He has his own opinion and is not afraid to defend it.

On February 16 of this year, Igor Murashov was appointed General Director of Zaporizhzhya NPP. A week later, a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began, and a week later, Russian troops stormed and captured the ZNPP.

Throughout this period of occupation, Igor managed to solve the most important and most difficult task – to keep the operational personnel of the enterprise.

Unfortunately, my fellow submariners, what I wrote to you about on September 25 is beginning to come true:

The Zaporizhzhya NPP will be declared the property of the Russian Federation, and ZNPP personnel will be offered to re-register from work in the Ukrainian company Energoatom to work in the Russian company Rosatom.

I am sure that in these moments the FSB is subjecting Igor to torture in order to force him to sign the reassignment of the Zaporizhzhya NPP to Rosatom and to make a public appeal to the staff with a call to re-register from Energoatom to Rosatom.

Dear fellow submariners, each of us perfectly understands the situation on a submarine if she is left without a commander. Now the FSB has created such a situation at ZNPP.

Chaos must not be allowed in the management of a nuclear power plant, this creates the prerequisites for an accident.

I ask each of you to disseminate as much as possible this information about the kidnapping of the General Director of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

I pray for Igor.

Ivan Serdyuk

30 сентября 2022, 21:36:54, от “Ivan Serdyuk” <ivan_serdyuk@ukr.net>:

Dear Fellow Submariners,

Today at 15:02 Moscow time, my fellow submariner from Russia, my classmate at the Higher Naval College, congratulated me on becoming a full-fledged Russian. It was at this time that the ceremony of signing documents on the entry of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine into the Russian Federation began in the Kremlin.

How should I react to this congratulation, how should I respond to him?

I am Ukrainian. I was born and raised in the Ukrainian SSR, which was one of the 15 equal union republics of the Soviet Union. The Russian Federation was within the USSR the same equal union republic as Ukraine.

After leaving school, I went to the Naval College, as I considered the defense of the Motherland to be my vocation. I served in the Armed Forces of the USSR for 19 years, including 14 years in the Northern Fleet, rose to the 2nd rank captain, always emphasized that I was Ukrainian, and never felt any discrimination based on nationality.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, I retired from the Armed Forces and left the North for my Ukraine, which became independent for the first time. Together with the majority of Ukrainians, I joined the process of transforming a communist totalitarian state into a modern democratic one.

Unfortunately, the politicians who led Russia after the collapse of the USSR headed for a historic return from the totalitarian Soviet Union to the totalitarian Russian Empire of the 1914 model. But if Ukraine was part of the USSR as an equal union state, then the concept of “Ukraine” did not legally exist in the Russian Empire, and the territory inhabited by ethnic Ukrainians was divided into 9 provinces subordinate to the central government.

And now, for almost 30 years, official propaganda has been telling Russians that Vladimir Lenin invented Ukraine as a state, that the Ukrainian nation does not exist, that it is just a backward part of the Russian nation that speaks an archaic dialect of the Russian language. Therefore, it is necessary to annex these territories to Russia, explain to Ukrainians that they are not Ukrainians, but Russians, and force them to speak Russian.

It is unfortunate that the vast majority of Russians believe in this lie and support this idea.

My Energodar was occupied by Russian troops on March 4th. Ukrainian flags were removed everywhere and Russian flags were hung out. The town hall was occupied by the occupation administration. All billboards were filled with posters with the inscription: “We are one nation! We are together with Russia!” and portraits of Empress Catherine II and Russian generals of the 18th century Potemkin and Suvorov.

The arriving officers of the Federal Security Service (FSB, heir to the KGB) launched a purge of “dissidents”. They started from the city hall, kidnapped the deputy mayor, and to this day his whereabouts are unknown. The mayor of our town was forced to hide, and the Ukrainian special forces took him out of the occupied territory.

Then the FSB took on businessmen and participants in the war in the Donbass. They extorted money from businessmen, and they simply mocked war veterans. They beat both the first and the second, broke their ribs, tortured them with electric current, shot at point-blank range with a traumatic pistol. Further, the FSB officers began to arrest volunteers who helped our soldiers in the Donbass. And then they began to search for and detain people who showed their Ukrainian patriotic position on social networks. They can arrest a person even just because he speaks Ukrainian. In addition to beating and torturing, they also make all these prisoners sing the Russian anthem three times a day at gunpoints.

If you want to be released as soon as possible and not have time to inflict very severe bodily harm on you, you can pay off with money. They set the tax at 50,000 Ukrainian hryvnia (that’s 1,500 euros).

I prepared this amount, which is 2.5 of my monthly pensions, in cash and instructed my wife as to whom she should go with this money in case I was arrested.

I realized that I am a coward. I was not afraid to serve on a submarine. I am not very afraid of radiation, I worked with it for 14 years in the Navy and 24 years at a nuclear power plant. I was not very afraid of mortar attacks, mines flew over my head for three weeks. But I was terribly afraid of getting into the FSB torture chamber.

Dear Fellow Submariners,

I ask for your advice.

Should I react to today’s congratulation from my fellow submariner from Russia? If so, what should I write to him?

Ivan Serdyuk

USSR Submarine Forces veteran, Ukraine

Тема: Zaporizhzhya NPP situation on September 25

Дата: 25 сентября 2022, 22:55:50

Dear fellow submariners!

I inform you that after September 21, Russian troops did not fire at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

But, unfortunately, this does not mean that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there will be no such attacks. The IAEA Director General Statement of 21 September states (https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/pressreleases/update-105-iaea-director-general-statement-on-situation-in-ukraine):

“This once again demonstrates the urgent need to establish such a zone around the ZNPP. Until yesterday, there seemed to be less shelling at or near the plant, but this latest episode shows that the danger remains very real. It hasn’t gone away, and we can’t afford to lose any more time,” Director General Grossi said. “I’m determined to do everything I can so that the nuclear safety and security protection zone around the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) becomes reality very soon. My high-level meetings at the United Nations this week are crucial to achieve this objective that is of paramount importance in preventing a severe nuclear accident from happening.”

I highly appreciate the actions of the IAEA to prevent a nuclear accident at the ZNPP, but it seems to me that these actions are too late. Vladimir Putin, in his address to the Russians on September 21, announced that a referendum would be held in all Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine on the accession of these territories to the Russian Federation.

The next scenario is clear:

– from September 23 to 27, a mock referendum is being held, the result is known in advance – the majority of the population of the occupied territories is in favor of joining Russia;

– until September 30, the Russian parliament, on the basis of this falsification, declares the occupied territories part of the Russian Federation;

– the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the occupied territories are declared an aggressive attack on the Russian Federation;

– the military doctrine of the Russian Federation on the defense of the country by all available means, including the use of nuclear weapons, comes into effect.

As for the plans of the IAEA regarding the Zaporizhzhya NPP, they will become unrealistic. The Zaporizhzhya NPP will be declared the property of the Russian Federation, and ZNPP personnel will be offered to re-register from work in the Ukrainian company Energoatom to work in the Russian company Rosatom. The vast majority of personnel will refuse to move to Rosatom, otherwise they will be convicted in Ukraine for collaborationism. Atomic workers will quit their jobs and leave for a free Ukraine. Six nuclear reactors will remain without control and maintenance.

In recent days, Russian troops have not shelled the nuclear plant, but they have not stopped shelling the town of Energodar with anti-personnel mines. In total, since August 5, 3 civilians have died from these attacks and more than 10 people have been injured of varying severity. Dozens of cars burned down.

In the last 2 nights shelling was carried out continuously. The occupying authorities tell people that it is Ukraine that is shelling to disrupt the referendum.

In the attached video and photo, you can see how the referendum was held today in the house where my apartment is located.

 I wish you all health and safety. 

 Ivan Serdyuk

Тема: Zaporizhzhya NPP situation on September 19

Дата: 20 сентября 2022, 09:49:36

Unfortunately, yesterday the situation at the Zaporozhye NPP worsened. As a result of artillery shelling, one of the three backup power lines was damaged.

In the town of Energodar, local residents report provocations by the occupying Russian troops, who are shelling the right bank of the Dnieper River, controlled by Ukraine, and at the same time launching shells at objects in the industrial zone of the town. As a result of these shellings, water supply disappeared in a part of Energodar microdistricts.

Also yesterday, Russia fired missiles at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, which is located 250 km from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

The IAEA made a statement in connection with the increased threat to nuclear facilities in Ukraine


18 сентября 2022, 22:55:02, от “Ivan Serdyuk” <ivan_serdyuk@ukr.net>:

Dear fellow submariners!

I thank everyone who responded to my request for help on September 06 and disseminated the information I provided.

Today we can state that as a result of the actions of the world community, the threat of a radiation accident at the Zaporozhye NPP has significantly decreased. We, Ukrainians, express our deep gratitude to the IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi and his team of experts, who were not afraid to cross the front line and visit the Zaporozhye NPP. Our special deep respect goes to those two fearless experts who remained at the nuclear power plant to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and promptly submit it to the IAEA headquarters. Now the world community has a source of information independent of the warring countries. And now I receive information about the ZNPP operation on the IAEA website at the same time or even earlier than I receive it from Roman Kravchuk, who works at the station ( https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/pressreleases/update-103-iaea-director -general-statement-on-situation-in-ukraine ) .

After the report of the IAEA Director General at the meeting of the UN Security Council on September 06, the situation began to change for the better. The Russian occupiers stopped shelling the nuclear power plant and the town of Energodar; after September 08, shelling was not carried out. This allowed our personnel on September 10 to restore one communication line of the nuclear power plant with the energy system of Ukraine. The possibility of external power supply to the plant made it possible to stop the last operating power unit and transfer it to a safer state – a cold shutdown.

To date, 4 out of 7 power transmission lines have been restored. This is very important, since it is the uninterrupted external power supply of nuclear power plant that is the main guarantee against a radiation accident.

Under the influence of the world community, the Russian occupiers allowed Ukraine to do what was not allowed during the entire 6 months of occupation – to transport through the front line spare parts for the repair of ZNPP power lines, as well as additional fuel supplies for emergency diesel generators of the plant, which can be used in case loss of all power lines.

Mr. Grossi says that despite the improvement in power supply, the overall situation at the plant, located in the middle of a war zone, remains precarious.

To help stabilize the situation, the IAEA Director General has initiated consultations with the relevant parties aimed at the urgent establishment of a nuclear safety and security protection zone at the ZNPP. Ukraine understands this as the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and the entry of a peacekeeping contingent of UN troops.

To do this, we need a UN decision, and I hope that it will be adopted.

I wish all of us peace and be safe.

Ivan Serdyuk

11 сентября 2022, 11:56:58, от “Ivan Serdyuk” <ivan_serdyuk@ukr.net>:

SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» (the operator of Ukrainian NPPs) informs:

🛑  Zaporizhzhya NPP is completely shut down
Today, September 11, 2022, at 03:41 am, ZNPP power unit No. 6 was disconnected from the grid. Arrangements for its cooling and transfer to a cold state are underway.

Over the past three days, the 6th power unit has been operating in an island mode powering exclusively the ZNPP in-house needs at a critically low capacity level (from 114 to 140 MW), since all transmission lines linking the Zaporizhzhya NPP to the Ukrainian power system were damaged due to russian shelling.

Yesterday evening, after one of these transmission lines was restored to its operational capacity, it became possible to power the ZNPP’s in-house needs from the energy system of Ukraine. Therefore, a decision was made to shut down power unit No. 6 and transfer it to the safest state – cold shutdown.

In case of repeated damage to the transmission lines linking the facility to the power system, the risk of which remains high, the ZNPP’s in-house needs will be powered by diesel generators, the service life of which is limited by the technological resource and the amount of available diesel fuel.

SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» takes all possible measures to organize the supply of additional batches of diesel fuel to the ZNPP.

In order to prevent an emergency situation at the power plant, it is necessary to stop the russian shelling of the transmission lines linking the ZNNP to the power system and establish a demilitarized zone around it. After that, it will be possible to repair the transmission lines, to ensure the connection to the grid and further safe operation of the ZNPP.


Från: Ivan Serdyuk
Skickat: den 6 september 2022 14:40

Ämne: Zaporozhye NPP

Dear fellow submariners! 

Today Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant is in the center of attention of the whole world. I, Ivan Serdyuk from Ukraine, consider it my duty to bring you truthful information about the events taking place in the Zaporozhye NPP. 

 I served as a mechanical engineer on the nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet of the Soviet Navy from 1978 to 1992. After the collapse of the USSR, I retired from military service, returned to my homeland in Ukraine and worked at the Zaporozhye NPP until I retired in 2017. I live in the town of Energodar, this is a satellite town of the nuclear power plant. 

 Since 2004 I have been participating in the International Submarine Congresses. Unfortunately, I was unable to come to the Congress in Karlskrona due to the fact that Energodar was occupied by Russian troops in March.

Together with the city, the nuclear power plant was also captured, and soldiers and military weapons and equipment were placed on its territory.  NPP personnel working at gunpoint.

 The Russian invaders hoped that the inhabitants of the occupied territories would greet them with flowers, and that local governments would go over to the side of Russia.  This did not happen.  Their slogan that Russia has come here forever was not taken seriously by anyone.  The Russians had to organize occupation administrations in towns and villages, to bring employees from Russia for this.  Preparations began for a referendum on the annexation of the occupied territories to Russia, preparations were made to disconnect the nuclear power plant from the Ukrainian energy system and connect it to the Russian energy system.  And the sent officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia began repressions against the leaders of the municipality, budgetary institutions and public utilities.

The persecution, arrests and kidnappings of all patriotic residents of Energodar began. I tried not to fall under these repressions, my wife and I moved from our city apartment to our dacha not far from the town on the left bank of the Dnieper River. I killed my Facebook account, stopped communication in instant messengers and by e-mail. 

 Since June, Russian fascists have been using the nuclear plant as a cover for their Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. At night, these combat vehicles come to the banks of the Dnieper River near my dacha and shell the peaceful cities of Nikopol and Marganets, located on the right bank of the river, which is controlled by Ukraine, far from the land front line. After the shelling, these combat vehicles hide on the territory of the nuclear power plant, knowing that Ukraine will never shell this radiation-dangerous object.

At the end of July, the Ukrainian army, using long-range precision weapons, destroyed the communication line between the energy system of Ukraine and Crimea, as a result of which the switching of the Zaporizhzhya NPP to the energy system of Russia became technically impossible. Having lost the opportunity to use the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant for economic purposes, Russia decided to use this plant for military and political purposes: to force Ukraine to sit down at the negotiating table by blackmailing the whole world with a radiation accident at the nuclear power plant. A diabolical scenario began to materialize: through shelling, gradually destroy all electrical communication lines of the nuclear power plant with the power grid, which will lead to a complete de-energization of the station and the cessation of cooling of nuclear reactors. This will be a repeat of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Russia figured out how to blame Ukraine for these attacks. For this, shelling is carried out from the banks of the Dnieper River, shells and mines arrive from the north. Russia tells the whole world and the Russian people that the mines and shells are coming from the north because they come from the right bank of the Dnieper River, which is controlled by Ukraine.

The shelling began on August 5 and is carried out daily.  The Russians are shelling not only nuclear power plants, but also the town of Energodar.  Most shelling is carried out with anti-personnel mines, but not only with them.  My wife and I were at our dacha from August 5 to 24 without leaving.  I fixed the bearing for the sound of the mine launch and the sound of its explosion and recorded the time between departure and explosion.  Then I called the town and the nuclear power plant and found out the places of the explosions.  As a result, I have drawn up the map that I am sending you.  


The gray dot on the map is my dacha.  Points A, B, C, D are positions of Russian artillery and mortars.  Point E is a nuclear power plant.  Points F, G, H, I are some of the locations of the explosions in the town.  The flight time of the mine to the town is 2-4 seconds.  The flight time of a mine at a nuclear power plant is 6-8 seconds.  The bearings and times measured by me exclude the version of shelling from the right bank of the Dnieper River.

Dear fellow submariners! 

 The insidious and cruel spectacle that Russia is playing at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant threatens all mankind with a radiation accident. Considering the prevailing wind directions in Energodar, Central, Western and Southern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East are at the greatest risk. I ask you to bring my information to all fellow submariners and politicians in your countries. Together we must stop this dangerous game with radiation and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

 I wish you all health and safety. 

 Ivan Serdyuk.